METIS Linux utilizes a customized version of the dwm window manager from the suckless project. Our fork of dwm is tailored to our specific needs through the application of patches. It includes many features such as pywal support and other enhancements designed to elevate your productivity.

Quick Menu:

  • The quick menu has options to open apps, play music and more. The songs are loaded from the ~/music directory. You can put your music there.

The Quick Links:

  • A quick links menu to add your most important links into bookmarks.

Note: It just loads the csv file from ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-$HOME/.config}/dwm/quickmenu.csv", which means, you can add, delete as many as you want.

The dwm bar

  • The bar has 10 themes to choose from, if you want to stick with slstatus, it will change the color of every aspects every time you change the wallpaper.