METIS Linux: Built-in Features

When it comes to METIS Linux, you can expect a range of impressive built-in features that enhance your overall experience. Let's take a closer look at what makes METIS Linux stand out:

The terminal

  • METIS Linux utilizes a custom-built version of the suckless terminal (st) as its primary terminal, alongside kitty. The st terminal includes a feature that allows you to easily select URLs from your terminal using dmenu, as well as retrieve the output of the last executed command.

  • The zsh shell incorporates VIM bindings, enabling you to enjoy the ultimate vim experience even when solely using the terminal.

The pwnvim

We utilize our own neovim framework called pwnvim, which offers numerous features to enhance your productivity. It includes the lazy.nvim plugin manager, native LSP support, UI autocompletion, Mason, Tresitter, and more.

  • Terminal:

    • pwnvim utilizes nvterm, which can spawn floating, vertical, and horizontal terminal instances.
  • Nvimtree:

    • Nvimtree is a file explorer that allows you to browse files with ease.
  • Statusline:

    • We utilize staline as the statusline in our nvim setup, which can be further customized to meet your preferences.

Audio system

We have integrated Pipewire into our setup, further enhancing its capabilities, where you can enjoy improved audio management in your environment. It supports flexible routing of audio streams, allowing you to easily control and direct audio output.

The launcher

  • Customized dmenu:

    • Our custom build of (suckless's) dmenu has personalized features and configurations to optimize your user experience.
  • Enhanced rofi:

    • As a secondary launcher, we use rofi but it's completely optional.

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