Your true source for the documentation and information about METIS Linux.

METIS Linux is a linux distribution embodying the KISS and unix philosophy. It uses simple init systems instead of systemd and super minimal window managers to level up your productivity. I, @PwnWriter started this project as a hobby project but now it has been evolved into a full-fledged distro for both beginner and advanced users.

This wiki will cover METIS Linux related documentation from the base install to configurating the overall distribution.

To get started, download the latest ISO of Metis Linux from its official releases page, and then follow the instructions provided below.

Creating a bootable drive

Using dd (linux)

  • Linux: If you are already on Linux you can easily create a bootable USB for Metis Linux using the dd command. This method is highly recommended due to its simplicity and universal availability. Here's how:

    First find the usb to make it bootable. run

    $  lsblk
    sda      8:0    0 298.1G  0 disk
    ├─sda1   8:1    0     4G  0 part [SWAP]
    ├─sda2   8:2    0   512M  0 part /boot
    └─sda3   8:3    0 293.6G  0 part /
    sdb      8:16   1   31.7G  0 disk

    For me, it's sdb,

    $ sudo dd if=/path/to/metislinux.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M status=progress oflag=sync

    • Make sure to replace path/to/metis.iso with the METIS ISO path and sdX with your USB device.
    • This will create a bootable Metislinux USB for both BIOS and UEFI.

Etcher (Linux, Windows & Macs)

Etcher Etcher is an OS image flasher built with Node.js and Electron, capable of flashing an SDCard or USB drive. It protects you from accidentally writing to your hard-drives and ensures every byte of data was written correctly. Follow the steps below to create a bootable USB with Etcher

  1. Launch Etcher & select Metislinux ISO.
  2. Select your USB drive, Be careful here and select the right one.
  3. Click on Flash! and wait for it to finish.
  4. This will create a bootable MetisLinux USB for both BIOS and UEFI.

Etchdroid (android)

You can also create Bootable USB using your Android phone. All you need is to install Etchdroid from playstore. Follow the steps below to create a bootable USB with Etchdroid

  1. Connect USB to your phone. Make sure your the OTG option is On.
  2. Launch Etchdroid & select the Metislinux ISO. Now click flash! and wait for finish.
  3. This will create a bootable Metislinux USB for both BIOS and UEFI from your Android.