Install METIS with Calamares

This is a straightforward guide for beginners and Linux newcomers to install MetisLinux on their system without encountering any issues. In this guide, I will provide instructions for installing MetisLinux on a UEFI system. However, the process remains the same if you are using BIOS. Please follow the steps outlined below to successfully install MetisLinux.

Preliminary Steps

Assuming that you have already created a bootable USB with Metislinux ISO, boot system with it and select Boot Metislinux. Select LAUNCH INSTALLER to start the installer.

calamares initialcalamares initial

The following video showcases, overall help app and menus

Now select your Region, Time Zone, System Locale etc and click on Next. If you are connected to internet this will show automatically.

select locale

Select your Keyboard Layout and click Next. The keyboard layout is automatically adjusted to selected system locale.

select locale


Note In this guide, All partitioning are performed on an empty disk.

Now, here comes the critical stage where many Linux beginners make mistakes. Take care and ensure that you are well-informed before engaging in any system partitioning. Understanding the partition scheme is strongly recommended to avoid complications. If you are a beginner you can just stick with Erase disk, which will erase your disk and install Metislinux.

select locale


Create a user account for you, using the simple form, and click Next

calamares form

Here's the installation summary, including the changes you've made and the upcoming actions by the installer. Take a moment to review it, and once you're content, Next.

calamares install

The installation process has commenced. It may take a few minutes, so feel free to glance through the slides or take a short break, perhaps grabbing a coffee.


When It's done, click restart now to reboot the system instantly.

calamares finish

Well, That's the Metislinux installation using Calamares, Enjoy!