Contribute To Metis Linux

Liked metis linux and it's idea? You can support us by any means!

There are many ways to contribute to Metis Linux. You are anytime welcomed to be a part of metis-os.

How And Where To Contribute

Improve and Add Documentations

You're welcomed to improve and documentations wherever necessary on our website and git repos.

Translations into different languages

You could help us translating our websites and repos into other different languages so that it would reach to more people.

Creation of different arts

You can create different arts such as wallpapers, pictures, videos and other related to metis linux.

Contribute to code

You can contribute us with actual codes of the iso. Update improve and add features to the system.

Maintain and host metis repository server

You can help us maintain our repos hosting in your servers. Or, you can contribute maintaining our own servers as well.

Sponsors and Donations

Anyone could sponsor or donate us any kind of physical, digital or financial assets.

Share us

Yes! You could share our projects among people that would make more people know about the project.

Queries, Suggestions, Advice, Problems and Bugs

Leave your queries, suggestions, problems and bugs to our github issue section so that we could update and improve them for you.